An Eco-friendly Family Trip to Marysville :: A Town Rebuilt from Ashes

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Just over nine years ago, the worst bush fires in Australia’s history devastated the small town of Marysville, a scenic hideaway at the foothills of the Great Dividing Range, only 90 minutes from Melbourne. Since this terrible event, known as Black Saturday, Marysville has well and truly risen from the ashes. Determined residents have rebuilt the town and it’s now bigger and better than ever. Tourism is once again booming and the environment is flourishing.

I visited Marysville recently with the family. We arrived when the sun was shining and even when it started pouring, we explored happily. It’s a small town with lots to do in the area so is perfect for a short visit, or longer if you’ve got time aplenty.

I’ve teamed up with to bring you 7 reasons why Marysville is the perfect green Yarra Valley getaway for families.

The Black Spur

If you do decide to head to Marysville, make sure to enjoy the drive there, and don’t forget to look up! The Black Spur is a 30 km section of road between Healesville and Marysville that is lined with towering Mountain Ash (Eucalyptus rengans), which, thankfully, escaped the bush fires.

Standing 100 metres tall, these are the world’s tallest flowering trees and are an impressive sight from below. Slow down, open the windows and enjoy the smells and sounds of the forest as you go.

Steavenson Falls

Reached via a beautiful scenic walk along the Tree Fern Gully trail, Steavenson Falls is one of the highest waterfalls in Victoria, at 84 metres high. You can walk from the town centre, which is about 3.5km and would be beautiful on a good day, but when we visited it was pouring so we drove to the carpark and took the shorter 700 metre trail up to the viewing area instead.

And while it sounds like that wouldn’t take long it’s surprising how much there is to look at when you’ve got two little people interested in everything! The ferns were rolling out, the cobwebs were heavy with rain drops and there were puddles to splash in.

Walking Trails and Hikes

The whole region around Marysville is criss-crossed with nature walks, from easy, quick return walks to hardcore hikes. The trails wend through cool temperate rainforest, some with boardwalks placed over uneven land and precarious points. Information boards detailing the flora, fauna and history of the sites line the trails, and a few have tables dispersed along the way so you can take a picnic in a backpack and stop for a while.

Pop in to the Information Office in the town to find which trail suits your family best.

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Author: Linda McCormick

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