Hello! I’m Linda, a freelance journalist and content writer based in Bristol, England. If you want the short ‘about me’ version, there’s a blurb on the front page. If you’re keen to know more, do read on.

Life Happens When You’re Making Plans

Originally from Northern Ireland, I moved to London in my 20s where I worked as a paediatric nurse for 10 years. During this time, I travelled often – sometimes with friends, mostly solo. Until I met an Australian who shared the same dream of living in Barcelona.

We had big plans. We were going to buy a yacht and live in the harbour in Barcelona for six months of the year, and sail around the Mediterranean for the other six months of the year. We’d then take two years to sail to Australia across the Indian Ocean. I was going to be a travel writer, my partner was going to work remotely. They were grand, exciting plans.

But of course life happened and we found ourselves in Australia instead. We called Melbourne’s northern suburbs home for the next ten years and had an amazing time exploring the country and spending time with our Aussie family and friends.

In June 2018, we packed our bags once more and headed back to Blighty, this time with two kids in tow.

A short history of a long life :: or why I do what I do

I’ve been working as a writer and editor since I left nursing, which in itself has given me so much fodder to write about in the health and wellness sphere.

Roles I’ve had include:

    :: Assistant Editor on a women’s magazine in London, where I was trained in all things editorial and almost ruined my liver!
    :: Managing Editor of UK & Ireland for a small travel guide company.
    :: Editor and senior writer for a busy environmental news website, which in its hey-day garnered millions of page views a month.
    :: Editor of an eco travel guide for a large US-based travel website.
    :: Founded my own ecotourism and responsible travel site, EcoTravellerGuide.com.
    :: Writer and editor for a personal finance website. Consequently wrote for other finance publishers who read my work. I’ve been writing about personal finance now for over 10 years, mostly based on horrendous financial decisions I made in my 20s. Hint: don’t go travelling for two years with only £52 in the bank and four credit cards – it won’t end well.
    :: I studied architecture and interior design for 3 years, but never finished the whole degree due to finances at the time. But, I still love architecture and design and marry it with my love of sustainability in my writing. Innovative green design never gets boring!

As you can see, while I may have varied writing interests, they all stem from life and a love of the topic.

Need a writer in your life?

If you need a writer in your life, have a look through my website to see some of my work. Not all my published pieces are listed here – I’ve written hundreds of articles since I became a writer in 2005, so only a few selected articles are in the Portfolio section.

My work has been published in numerous digital and print publications including The Sydney Morning Herald/The Age, The Independent, Healthline, The Week, Jetstar magazine, BRITAIN magazine, Our Planet Travel magazine, Flight Centre’s Travel Ideas magazine, The Road Ahead, Finder, HomeAway, Stayz, View London, Credit Card Compare and Viator. I also contributed to the inspirational travel book 1001 Escapes to Make Before you Die.

I work with big brands and SMEs too

Brands, companies and small businesses I have created and/or edited content for include Energy Australia, Helium Foundation, Finder, Flight Centre, Newsmodo, Quill Content and McCarthyHoey Lawyers.

Call me!

Please get in touch if you would like me to write something for you or collaborate in some way. My contact details are here.